About JCCP M
  JCCP M is an affiliated company of the NGO Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP), which specializes in conflict prevention and peace building.
JCCP M provides consulting services to companies expanding into developing countries, and aims to promote economic development in post-conflict communities as well as the long-term mutual prosperity of both companies and local residents.
Our Vision Handling over future generations a society capable of opening doors to a self-sustaining future regardless of one’s country of birth
  Our Mission Social stability and development in developing countries can be achieved through development assistance from governments, the United Nations, and NGOs as well as through the private sector. JCCP M supports the economic development of businesses and local residents to promote peaceful and stable communities in developing countries.
Conflict Prevention and
Peace Building
Reconstruction and development based on Official Development Aid (ODA)
・Government organizations
・International organizations (UN, etc.)
・NGOs, etc.
Economic Development
Economic development including market development and job creation
・Private sector
  Our Value Building a society in which both businesses and local residents are able to prosper in the long term.  
Providing consulting services to companies expading into developing countries.
・Feasibility studies ・Marketing strategies ・Assistance for local staff training
・ Risk management training ・Other commissioned studies

Behind the Name

Behind the Logo

The "M" in JCCP M stands for:





Multi Risk Control

The “M” in JCCP M symbolizes
trees growing up one at a time and eventually forming a bountiful forest.

The vision for JCCP M’s activities is to assist in the expansion of our clients’ business and over time produce significant results, as well as contributing to the development of the communities.