JCCP M's Primary Services
  Supporting the advancement of companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.  

Understanding the local situation in host countries
Issues to consider when expanding overseas   JCCP M Services
What are the local laws, taxation system, culture, business practices, wages, education, country risks, etc.? ・Collect information from the Japanese government, host country’s government, businesses, universities and research institutes, the UN and other international organizations, etc.
・Conduct field studies utilizing local human resources.
What is the state of electricity, water, communications, distribution, transportation infrastructure, etc.?
During local inspections, which areas should be visited and what types of risks should be considered? ・Propose and coordinate local inspections, and accompany visitors to inspection sites.
・Provide local risk information and conduct crisis management training.

Understanding local markets and needs
Issues to consider when expanding overseas   JCCP M Services
What are the preferences of the target local consumers and what are the rival products? ・Conduct surveys on target customers while showing them the actual products.
・Sample stores to examine the price and packaging of the best-selling products.
How are the local sales and distribution networks? ・Examine the sales and distribution networks in the areas where the target demographic lives.
・Conduct interview surveys with local businesses and stores.

What is required to carry out test marketing of our products? ・Develop relationships with stores willing to cooperate in test marketing.
・Provide training to sales staff for implementation of test marketing.

Establishing a local office
Issues to consider when expanding overseas   JCCP M Services
How should negotiations with host country governments and incorporation procedures be carried out? ・Gather information from host country governments and support negotiations.

How should the hiring and training of local staff be carried out? ・Assist with planning and implementing the hiring and training of local staff.
・Consider cooperating with human resource development projects.

How should the safety of expatriate staff be managed? ・Planning and implementation of crisis management training.