JCCP M's Strengths
  We support our clients by utilizing a network of NGOs, local partnering experts, local government, international and local organizations, and the community.  
Network of Government & International Organizations   We have an extensive network of local government, Japanese government, international organizations including the UN,
and international NGO contacts.
  ▶ We are able to quickly gather and provide information pertaining to local situations, labor laws, and taxation systems.
▶ We provide information pertaining to various international projects including ODA, as well as plan and support cooperation efforts with these projects.
Network of Community/
Locally Based Organizations
  We provide services through links with residents in the local community as well as NGOs that operate with offices in the host country.
  ▶ We have thorough knowledge of local residents and local societies, including cultural and business practices.
▶ We are capable of planning and executing programs that involve local residents, including organizing local residents into groups for marketing and training purposes.
Expert Groups   We work together with experts who have experience working for the UN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international NGOs, and consulting firms.
  ▶ In instances where expert knowledge is required, such as in risk management, we work together with suitable consultants to provide a range of services.